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Here's my Story

This is a story of a girl who dreamed.

This is about love, faith, & the lessons she learned. This is a story about destiny. This is about the path less taken, the storms weathered, & the battles won. This is a story of courage. This is about hope, belief, & purpose. This is “Own It! Love What You Already Have.”

From a shy kid to a confident leader, this is my story and the lessons I learned. At twenty-one, I became an executive at my family’s business.

Over the years, I reached new heights that I thought I never could, all because I believed in myself and embraced change.

This is my journey

Being a third-generation Indian American who left the United States at an early age, I constantly shuffled between Mumbai, India, Dubai, U.A.E, & the United States until I joined the corporate world.

I struggled with my self-confidence during my teenage years & dealt with a lot of bullying in school, even in college, which affected my health at the time.

When I first started work, I faced a lot of challenges such as being one of the only few females in a predominately male workplace.

I was quite young at the time, & was relatively new in the corporate world.

Some people think I just had this job handed over to me on a silver platter, but I had to work really hard to be where I am today.

I had to show my worth as a future executive and earn my job. That required a ton of self-transformation and belief. I also needed a lot of positive thinking to move my life in the right direction.

Over the years, I faced several other challenges & learned a lot of lessons that will resonate with others working in a family business environment.

With these lessons, I was able to become a confident leader and progressed quickly in my career.

I now know what it takes and you too can learn what it takes to OWN IT!

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